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Project Updates

Join celebrities who are showing their support by wearing the ISEN intent bracelet. Whatever your passion, your cause or calling, this will be the thing to wear. Simple but powerful.


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ISEN Face-2-Face

Check out your favorite celebrities supporting charities and nonprofits through public service announcements, fundraisers and galas. Our social media campaign has been ranked in the Top 60 of all social media sites – that’s out of 1.9 billion social media sites.


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Participation on the ISEN30 Project comes from near and far, as in this painting done by an artist in Denmark. 

Making Our Mark

The ISEN30 Project seeks to leverage social media for charitable good - and we are well on our way, ranked in the Top 60 of all social media feeds out of 1.9 billion.
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ISEN30 Project Responds to Erroneous Ripoff Report

A message from CEO Jerry Alex Smith:


At the ISEN Group, we have learned about an effort to undermine our efforts to raise awareness about charitable causes and nonprofits by posting erroneous information about our work. (For more information about the ISEN Group's official rebuttal to the false allegations of the Ripoff Report, please see below.)


Above all else, we stand firmly on our reputation, built during 30 years of working with celebrities and community leaders. And we stand firmly in our commitment to leverage the collective good of those who want to do good to make this world a better place for all of us!