Become a part of a national project on a mission to change the way we engage social media to promote charities and nonprofits to help build stronger communities across the United States!


The ISEN30 Project needs your support to help produce its documentary of 30 years of never-before-seen footage that highlights behind-the-scenes activities of many of your favorite celebrities using their time, talent and energy to raise money and awareness for charities and causes that are building stronger communities and serving those in need.

The ISEN30 Project documentary will raise awareness of how social media can help make the world a better place. This project will bring people together and raise awareness for causes ranging from environmental issues, animal rights, children's rights, human rights, to domestic violence, homelessness and medical issues.

Project Goals

To produce a video telling the story of 30 years of never-before-seen video footage of celebrities raising money and awareness for those causes and charities that affect us all.


To create a social media movement that will leverage our collective voices, talents and time as a group to support nonprofits and charities. Three things make for a successful fundraising campaign for nonprofits: Corporate sponsorship; celebrity involvement; and the media – well, social media is the new media. We reach, teach and touch more people than ever before through our social media outreach and engagement.


To raise awareness. Together we can make things happen, we can cause social change through social media by supporting nonprofits and charitable causes that connects us all.


Use of funds

Funds will be used primarily for editing nearly 1,200 hours of video footage captured during 30 years of the ISEN Group’s work documenting celebrity philanthropy. With an average studio editing cost of $150/hour, it's estimated that the editing cost could run about $180,000. Transportation, duplication of product and other associated production costs (storage fees, etc.) and campaign materials are estimated to run an additional $70,000.


Your generous donations will enable us to reach our goals and help raise awareness about the extraordinary good that can be done to make our world a better place by supporting nonprofits and charitable causes.


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PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP - Donate $250 and receive a celebrity autographed ISEN30 Project souvenir book.

RUBY MEMBERSHIP – Donate $500 and receive an ISEN30 Project Hollywood premiere ticket plus autographed souvenir book.

EMERALD MEMBERSHIP – Donate $750 and receive two ISEN30 Hollywood premiere tickets and autographed souvenir book.

PEARL MEMBERSHIP - Donate $1,000 and receive two VIP ISEN30 Hollywood premiere tickets, which includes celebrity after-party and autographed souvenir book.

DIAMOND MEMBERSHIP - Donate $2,500 and receive four VIP ISEN30 Hollywood premiere tickets, which includes celebrity after-party, autographed souvenir book and exclusive gift bag.


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